Is Pure Air the future of IT innovation ?

U-earth biotechnology, leader in biological professional Air Purification gets awarded the “2016 innovation prize” from SMAU, international IT trade show, in Italy. The company has tied a partnership with Microsoft for the WW data of the Pure Air Zone project.

More than ever large multinational companies are partnering with middle-small size innovative companies with a lot of potential.

It is a Win-Win for both parties.

U-earth needs a reliable yet scalable solution to the management of the very precious Air Quality Data detected  from the Pure Air Zones of the prime brands enjoying clean air in their venues. Pure Air is provided through  the combination of U-monitor and AIRcel, a brake trough BIOTECH Air purifier, produced in various sizes and models, which is able to provide Pure Mountain Air Quality in Industrial, Medical and Commercial venues like no other technology currently on the professional market.

u-earth between Microsoft and Microsys.jpg

Betta Maggio, CEO of U-earth Biotechnologies between Roberto Filipelli, Microsoft ( right ) and Fabio Spina, Microsys ( right ) , awarded by SMAU.

“Microsoft is more and more oriented on giving support to new projects and start-up by facilitating networking and act as promoters of remarkable innovations, and U-earth with the Pure Air Zone project is definitely one of our most exciting business cases ” says Roberto Filipelli, Sales and Business Development Director, Head of IoT Strategy in Microsoft.

U-MONITOR air monitoring system

U-MONITOR air monitoring system

The great collaboration of Microsys, one Microsoft’s  best italian developers, made U-manager happen, a user friendly yet very accurate data dashboard where Air Quality data are managed, viewed and reported in the most efficient and reliable way hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud. “It is a pleasure to work with Fabio and the Microsys team”, says Betta Maggio, ” our engineer Gabriella Motta, in charge of the U-monitor development project from the start, has the perfect support and competence she needs to develop a system on reliable foundations and open to further unlimited development.”

u-manager 4u-manager 3u-manager 2f

Hosting on Azure assures high quality data maintenance, protection, scalability and server reliability to U-earth and all the companies in the world hosting a Pure Air Zone.

In order to grow fast, strong foundations are fundamental.

Stay updated on the progress of Pure Air Zones by registering to the community today and endorse its growth trough your participation.

Smau innovation award 2016


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U-earth e Microsoft

partner per un mondo migliore

Nello sviluppo di nuove tecnologie per rendere il mondo un posto migliore è sempre meglio di collaborare con i sistemi più affidabili.

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U-earth ha recentemente sviluppato un nuovo dispositivo di monitoraggio della qualità dell’aria chiamato U-monitor, per essere in grado di certificare come “Pure Air Zone ” ambienti professionali purificati con AIRcel, i primi depuratori d’aria biotech al mondo.

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U-earth and Microsoft


partnering together for a better world

When developing new technologies to make the world a better place it is always better to partner with the most reliable systems.

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U-earth has recently developed a new air quality monitoring device called U-monitor, in order to be able to certify as ” Pure Air Zone” the professional spaces purified with AIRcel, the first biotech air purifiers in the world.


pure air zone, u-monitor


U-earth’s aim is to create the first Green Community providing Pure Air through its affiliates. The project is oriented to create a win win opportunity for all the players involved:

certified pure air zone

  • the affiliated companies will improve their green marketing strategy and sustainability reports, attracting the best customers,
  • Pure Air will become a competitive advantage compared to the competitors in the same business field.
  • the customers will enjoy Pure Air in the facilities displaying the “Certified Pure Air Zone” logo, and will start looking for the Air standards everywhere,
  • Pure Air will become a standard as it happened with WIFI, decreasing health problems such as allergies, respiratory diseases, viral cross contamination, air pollution exposure, and many more in workers and customers
  • Pure Air Zone Community will facilitate cross marketing between affiliates and promote co-branding events to grow awareness on the benefits of avoiding air pollution exposure in public/working environments.


In order to guarantee the quality of the air in Pure Air Zone, U-monitor detects many different air quality parameters, such as VOS, odorous gases, fine particles finer than 2,5 micron and superfine particles down to 1 micron, CO2, Radon, temperature, Humidity etc. every 5 minutes.

The collected data need to be compared and analyzed both from the Pure air Zone Affiliate and U-earth’s Air Quality Specialists in order to better understand the air pollution dynamics in the area and guarantee safe, de-contaminanted air, at all times.

The software which powers all U-monitor data and makes them readable and user friendly to all the Pure Air Zone affiliates in the world is Microsoft

The data platform is called U-mamager and has been developed by Microsys, one of the best Microsoft Business Partners in Milano, Italy.

Microsoft italian HQ got very passionate by the U-monitor project and got involved directly asking Microsys and U-earth to present the business case the the entire Microsoft audience.


This is the video shooting at Microsoft HQ in Milan ( click on the image to see it) :

Schermata 2016-05-07 alle 13.05.17

Microsoft italian Head Quarters in Peschiera Borromeo ( Milan ) are currently monitoring their air quality in the Data Center benefitting of U-earth technology.

Gabriella Motta, U-earth’s technical manager, was also invited to present the technology on Microsoft’s stage, gathering huge interest from all Microsoft partners and audience.

Once again, Pure Air is a great form of network building, and an amazing business accelerator for all the companies involved.

microsoft conference 3 re

If you are a person you can become a member of the Pure Air Zone community and receive info on the Pure Air Zones around you, healthy living tips, and special offers from the Pure Air Zone Community affiliates.

If you are a Company you can contact U-earth to get a free custom project for you company to become the next Pure Air Zone and make the world a better place while increasing your business by joining the first Green Community providing Pure Air.

It will be great having you on board.



Asma e IAQ: il caso della Gran Bretagna

Il numero dei Britannici affetti da asma cronico potrebbe raddoppiare entro il 2050. La causa? La qualità dell’aria interna alle abitazioni e agli uffici.

Pur vivendo in un’epoca sempre più attenta al green e al risparmio energetico, i nemici si nascondono proprio all’interno delle quattro mura domestiche:
– inquinanti atmosferici creati dall’uso della cucina
– prodotti per la pulizia
– spray e lacche per i capelli

La scarsa qualità dell’aria interna ha una stretta correlazione con una serie di effetti dannosi sulla salute come sintomi allergici e asmatici, cancro del polmone, malattie polmonari ostruttive croniche, infezioni respiratorie disperse nell’aria e malattie cardiovascolari.


Le previsioni parlano chiaro:
– è previsto un aggravarsi dell’80% dei sintomi dell’asma nei 5,4 milioni di persone che già soffrono di questo disturbo respiratorio.
– le concentrazioni di composti organici volatili, prodotti chimici legati all’utilizzo degli aerosol, supereranno del 60% il limite imposto dall’Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità.
– i livelli di biossido di azoto raggiungeranno il 30% in più rispetto ai limiti dell’OMS.

Pure Air Zone è un efficace sistema di depurazione dell’aria. Attraverso Air Cel vengono abbattuti gli agenti inquinanti presenti nell’ambiente interno, tra cui la formaldeide.
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How does clean air affect my yoga practice?


The Importance Of Clean Air While Doing Yoga And Pranayama hugely affects the practice benefits.

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Breathing is one of the most important parts of doing yoga. AIR is one of the key elements in everyday life and is a central focus when participating in yoga. Pranayama means to breathe deeply. Deep breathing is one of the core foundations in our life and in yoga that many people don’t stop to think about enough. To live, we need to breathe, and to live healthy, we need to breathe healthy.

 yoga pure air zone

yoga pure air zone

Breathing is important not only because it keeps us alive, but because it refreshes the body. It brings more life into our bodies, helping our bodies function better when we breathe in cleaner air and breathing deeply helps our bodies relax and function easier. Did you know that deep breathing helps to eliminate toxins from the body as we are bringing in good air into the body to help push out bad toxins?

 yoga pure air zone

yoga pure air zone

Since so much of yoga focuses on pranayama (breathing deeply), it is important that we are breathing in clean, healthy air. We all know that feeling when we breathe in air that is smoky, stale, or very hot.

It makes us cough, can make the lungs burn, and makes your airways feel constricted. These unclean forms of air also harm the body with the airborne toxins and chemicals. Once we breathe them in, they attack our bodies and the only way to counteract the is to breathe in good, clean air.

Yoga, in part, was designed to help the body breathe easier and better by strengthening our lungs, strengthening our muscles and making our bodies more flexible, and when we breathe in good air, all of these components work easier and better, giving our bodies more sustainability and allowing our bodies to accept this good air easier. Air pollution causes our bodies to slow over time, and our breathing can become hindered with bad air.

pranayama pure air zone

pranayama pure air zone

Stale air holds onto pollen, dust, danger, mold, spores, and a host of other things that are bad for your body. Smog, smoke, and automotive emissions also make breathing hard. Since pranayama encourages deep breathing to open up the lungs, this deep breathing pulls in more toxins into the lungs and the body.

For this reason, many yoga studios offer air purifiers and dehumidifiers to help keep the air cleaner and cooler. Air purifiers pull in stale and unfresh air and pushes out filtered air that is healthier to breathe. Dehumidifiers take warm and hot and stale air and add little bits of moisture to the air to allow for cooler breathing.

However you can never be sure the air purifier is really doing the job right. For this reason Pure Air Zone is a must in Yoga centers. U-earth’s air quality monitoring system, U-monitor, checks the air quality in the room every 5 minutes for all the typical indoor air contaminants, while AIRcel air purifiers, the most powerful air purification system in the world, clean the air down to a mountain air quality standard.

yoga center pure air zone

yoga center pure air zone

Cleaner air is hard to come by, but when doing yoga, it is important that you have cleaner and healthier air to help promote good overall health in the body.

 Having a yoga and Pranayama session in a Pure Air Zone is a unique experience which leaves you regenerated, energetic and healthy as never before.

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