Is Pure Air the future of IT innovation ?

U-earth biotechnology, leader in biological professional Air Purification gets awarded the “2016 innovation prize” from SMAU, international IT trade show, in Italy. The company has tied a partnership with Microsoft for the WW data of the Pure Air Zone project.

More than ever large multinational companies are partnering with middle-small size innovative companies with a lot of potential.

It is a Win-Win for both parties.

U-earth needs a reliable yet scalable solution to the management of the very precious Air Quality Data detected  from the Pure Air Zones of the prime brands enjoying clean air in their venues. Pure Air is provided through  the combination of U-monitor and AIRcel, a brake trough BIOTECH Air purifier, produced in various sizes and models, which is able to provide Pure Mountain Air Quality in Industrial, Medical and Commercial venues like no other technology currently on the professional market.

u-earth between Microsoft and Microsys.jpg

Betta Maggio, CEO of U-earth Biotechnologies between Roberto Filipelli, Microsoft ( right ) and Fabio Spina, Microsys ( right ) , awarded by SMAU.

“Microsoft is more and more oriented on giving support to new projects and start-up by facilitating networking and act as promoters of remarkable innovations, and U-earth with the Pure Air Zone project is definitely one of our most exciting business cases ” says Roberto Filipelli, Sales and Business Development Director, Head of IoT Strategy in Microsoft.

U-MONITOR air monitoring system

U-MONITOR air monitoring system

The great collaboration of Microsys, one Microsoft’s  best italian developers, made U-manager happen, a user friendly yet very accurate data dashboard where Air Quality data are managed, viewed and reported in the most efficient and reliable way hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud. “It is a pleasure to work with Fabio and the Microsys team”, says Betta Maggio, ” our engineer Gabriella Motta, in charge of the U-monitor development project from the start, has the perfect support and competence she needs to develop a system on reliable foundations and open to further unlimited development.”

u-manager 4u-manager 3u-manager 2f

Hosting on Azure assures high quality data maintenance, protection, scalability and server reliability to U-earth and all the companies in the world hosting a Pure Air Zone.

In order to grow fast, strong foundations are fundamental.

Stay updated on the progress of Pure Air Zones by registering to the community today and endorse its growth trough your participation.

Smau innovation award 2016


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Can air pollution cause permanent brain damage?


You can bet it can. And very badly. Have a look at the SPECT scans of a brain of a person exposed to air pollution compared to Alzheimer’s disease or drug abuse.

The issue of air pollution has been overlooked for too long. It is beginning to rip the world apart and people need to take it more seriously. People need to take the bull by the horn for the sake of posterity before air pollution takes over the world.

To find the most effective solution to any problem, you need to start from the root cause of the problem. So, it is important to know the major causes of air pollution.

#1. It is caused by emissions from industrial and manufacturing activities.

Smog town

Have you ever noticed that most manufacturing companies usually have several chimneys erected in their sites. A lot of fumes and smoke come out of these chimneys. In fact the chimney can be used as a signal to know if production is on or not. To make things worse, many manufacturing companies work round the clock while their employees run a shift. This implies that those chimneys will keep churning out harmful fumes 24 hours a day and people who live nearby will continue to inhale loads and loads of fumes.

polveri sottili

For instance, waste incinerators emit a lot of chemicals, carbon monoxide and some organic compounds into the air regularly. Petroleum refineries are not left out they release hydrocarbons into the air. Yes, the products of these gas emitting activities are very important but they are not worth human lives.

Exchanging petroleum products for human health? It is not a good deal.

Burning of different types of fuels by combustion engines is another air polluting activity.

# 2. Transportation is another major contributor to air pollution.

Several airplanes, ships, trains, cars and even heavy duty trucks all burn one type of fuel or the other and release “poison” into the air on a regular basis. Consider the number of cars in use worldwide. It is even worse when you are stuck in traffic. You will be on the same spot inhaling the fumes that vehicles are emitting. The most unfortunate part is that transportation has come to stay as it has become a part of our lives. And engines will continue to burn become a part of our lives.Schermata 2015-08-14 alle 17.34.50

And engines will continue to burn fuels for now.


These engines emit dangerous gases like nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from their exhaust pipes. Apart from causing harm to those who breathe them in, these gases also react with the natural atmospheric gases rendering them also harmful.

# 3. Fumigating chemicals like insect and pest killers are also capable of emitting dangerous gases into the air.

These chemicals also contribute to air pollution but they don’t do as much damages as the other activities mentioned earlier.

You do not need a physician to realize that when people continuously inhale these harmful gases, their lungs will be in danger.

And once the lungs become damaged, it will affect other vital organs of the body. Some of the commonest diseases caused by continuous air pollution are asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), lung cancer and several other lung diseases.

While the diseases listed above are dangerous and life threatening, they are not the major reason for standing up against air pollution !

These diseases are not the worst. Recently, it has been discovered that air pollution is a major cause of brain diseases.

Nothing can be more unfortunate than a human being with a damaged brain. This is very unfortunate as people rarely fully recover from brain damage.

air pollution brain damage

It has been confirmed that prolonged exposure to air pollution can have a negative impact on the brain since the brain is about the most susceptible human organ to diseases. First of all, inhaling some harmful gases like mercury can lead to blocked veins and arteries. Mercury can block the arteries supplying the brain and this in turn can cause stroke. It does not always end in stroke. It could also lead to stunted brain development or even reduction in human intelligence.

Pregnant women are worst hit by effects of air pollution as fetuses have zero immunity. They may not be hit directly, but their babies may be born with certain disorders. Inhalation of their babies may be born with certain disorders. Inhalation of harmful gases is believed to be the leading cause of and autism in babies.


Some of these emitted chemicals sometimes find their way into the ocean and they get consumed by some fishes. Their effects may not be strong on the fishes but on the people that get to eat them. What makes this phenomenon worse is the fact that fishes are not cooked for long. Now, you are beginning to see the chains of harmful effects caused by years of unrestricted air pollution.

pm exposure

# 4. Lead is another dangerous air pollutant.

When inhaled, it causes more brain disorder in than adults. In infancy, it can have effect on the brain which includes reduced cognitive functioning. It can also result in reduced verbal memory. All these are symptoms of a damaged brain.

Now that you have an idea of the damages air pollution has done and still doing to the world, why not join the movement against air pollution now. There are a few communities of naturalists that have been sensitizing the world about the effect of air pollution for some time now. It is better to join them now to save unborn children from the dangers of air pollution.

This is necessary because more manufacturing companies will emerge, more incinerators and refineries will be built and more vehicles are going to be manufactured, purchased and used. The implication of this is that more sources and causes of air pollution will come up.

So, efforts against air pollution should be doubled.

Up till now, Hiroshima and Nagasaki have not fully recovered from the effects of bombs used against them. That is how powerful pollutants can be.certified pure air zone

There is a lot you can do instead of passively sit there and breath whatever comes under your nose.

You can join the Pure air zone community.

If you are a person donate your social reach by subscribing to show you think Pure Air is a right for everyone.

If you are a company you can join the first green community based on Pure Air and create your own Pure Air Zone. Live longer and healthier while amazing your customers with the ultimate luxury: being able to choose what they want to breath.

By the way, get ready for a great boost in your business.

For more information on how to join and create awareness on the dangers of air pollution, please visit www.pure-air- and

Think about it next time you breathe !

U-earth and Microsoft


partnering together for a better world

When developing new technologies to make the world a better place it is always better to partner with the most reliable systems.

read in italian?

U-earth has recently developed a new air quality monitoring device called U-monitor, in order to be able to certify as ” Pure Air Zone” the professional spaces purified with AIRcel, the first biotech air purifiers in the world.


pure air zone, u-monitor


U-earth’s aim is to create the first Green Community providing Pure Air through its affiliates. The project is oriented to create a win win opportunity for all the players involved:

certified pure air zone

  • the affiliated companies will improve their green marketing strategy and sustainability reports, attracting the best customers,
  • Pure Air will become a competitive advantage compared to the competitors in the same business field.
  • the customers will enjoy Pure Air in the facilities displaying the “Certified Pure Air Zone” logo, and will start looking for the Air standards everywhere,
  • Pure Air will become a standard as it happened with WIFI, decreasing health problems such as allergies, respiratory diseases, viral cross contamination, air pollution exposure, and many more in workers and customers
  • Pure Air Zone Community will facilitate cross marketing between affiliates and promote co-branding events to grow awareness on the benefits of avoiding air pollution exposure in public/working environments.


In order to guarantee the quality of the air in Pure Air Zone, U-monitor detects many different air quality parameters, such as VOS, odorous gases, fine particles finer than 2,5 micron and superfine particles down to 1 micron, CO2, Radon, temperature, Humidity etc. every 5 minutes.

The collected data need to be compared and analyzed both from the Pure air Zone Affiliate and U-earth’s Air Quality Specialists in order to better understand the air pollution dynamics in the area and guarantee safe, de-contaminanted air, at all times.

The software which powers all U-monitor data and makes them readable and user friendly to all the Pure Air Zone affiliates in the world is Microsoft

The data platform is called U-mamager and has been developed by Microsys, one of the best Microsoft Business Partners in Milano, Italy.

Microsoft italian HQ got very passionate by the U-monitor project and got involved directly asking Microsys and U-earth to present the business case the the entire Microsoft audience.


This is the video shooting at Microsoft HQ in Milan ( click on the image to see it) :

Schermata 2016-05-07 alle 13.05.17

Microsoft italian Head Quarters in Peschiera Borromeo ( Milan ) are currently monitoring their air quality in the Data Center benefitting of U-earth technology.

Gabriella Motta, U-earth’s technical manager, was also invited to present the technology on Microsoft’s stage, gathering huge interest from all Microsoft partners and audience.

Once again, Pure Air is a great form of network building, and an amazing business accelerator for all the companies involved.

microsoft conference 3 re

If you are a person you can become a member of the Pure Air Zone community and receive info on the Pure Air Zones around you, healthy living tips, and special offers from the Pure Air Zone Community affiliates.

If you are a Company you can contact U-earth to get a free custom project for you company to become the next Pure Air Zone and make the world a better place while increasing your business by joining the first Green Community providing Pure Air.

It will be great having you on board.



Vision problems? Include air pollution in the possible causes

Recent AIIMS study shows how much air pollution exposure  is damaging your eyes.

We have known for many years that air pollution can directly affect our health, and that living in heavily polluted areas can cause an increase in the incidence of lungs and heart issues. What we didn’t know was that air pollution can damage our eyes, too. AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) recently conducted a survey that involved 5000 people who visited the hospital between 2013 and 2014, giving them a questionnaire aimed at assessing the prevalence of eye problems.

What did AIIMS discover?

According to the results of the survey, around 10-15% of the people who responded had symptoms like watery eyes, redness or itchiness, and 65% of those people were men between 20 and 40 years. Many people complained because their eye problems affected their productivity, and interfered with their life.

The doctors involved in the survey said that in the past dry eyes were a common problem in elderly patients, but that now younger people are getting them too. The medical director of Centre for Sight also said that the number of patients who are treated for chronic irritation of the eyes and allergic conjunctivitis is getting higher every year, and that the patients present the same symptoms all year round, while in the past they were more common during the pollen season.

dry eye pollution

What caused these symptoms?

Prolonged exposure to air pollution affects the tear ducts, which is why many people complain of dry eyes. Also, particular matter and toxic fumes can adhere to the outer surface of the eye in the same way pollen does, damaging the tear film. These problem can worsen and become chronic, putting the patients at risk of severe complications.

Is the level of air pollution in India comparable with the ones in Europe and America?

The study was conducted in India, which is together with China one of the most polluted country in the world. While the pro-capita emissions of greenhouse gases is low, India is heavily populated and so the levels of air pollution in big cities is very high. According to a research conducted in 2004, the level of particulate matter in the air (expressed in micrograms per cubic meter) was 150 in Delhi and 128 in Kolkata. Other cities had lower levels, for example Mumbai were the level was only 63.

During the same year, the level of particulate matter in big European and American cities was way lower: for example, it was around 30 in Milan and Rome, 11 in Paris, 22 in Berlin and 21 in London. It was 21 in New York and 34 in Los Angeles.

This difference is due to the fact that developing countries such as India and China are still using fuelwood and biomass as their primary sources of energy. Also, these countries don’t regulate vehicle emissions as tightly as other countries do, and since the recent economic development led to an increase in the number of vehicles on the streets, there was also a big increase in air pollution.

vision and air pollution

Then, why should we worry?

The figures quoted above are more than 10 years old, and they are also an average. Since then, we haven’t done nearly enough to lower emissions and pollution. Even if European and American cities are on average less polluted than Indian and Chinese cities, there are still people who are at risk of suffering eye problems caused by air pollution: for example, construction workers who work in busy streets, traffic officers, or people who like to run and cycle outdoors.

Also, a study presented at the 177th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology in 2013 revealed that people living in areas with high level of air pollution were three to four times more likely to suffer from dry eye syndrome. The “areas with high level of air pollution” mentioned in the study were American cities like Chicago or New York, compared with rural areas where the level of pollutants was lower.

What precautions can we take in order to protect ourselves?

The only long-term measure that can lower of risk of having eye issues due to pollution is to decrease the level of air pollution. Until this happens, we must take steps in order to protect our eyes. It is helpful to wash the eyes regularly, avoiding rubbing them if they are itchy and using artificial tears instead. Wearing protective goggles can also help, especially when we are in heavily polluted areas.

While we cannot control the air quality outdoors, we can also take steps to have better air indoors: since low humidity worsen the symptoms, it can be helpful to use a humidifier. A high-quality air filter can also help making air cleaner in the home. Finally, there are supplements that can help lubricate the eyes and the skin, such as flaxseed oil, but it is important to speak with a doctor before starting to take any supplement.

U-earth biotechnologies has developed AIRcel professional air purifiers, which are proving to be the most effective systems on the market which attract and destroy ALL AIR CONTAMINANTS with a single technology.

AIRcels create Pure Air Zones, guaranteed pollution free environments by U-monitor , air quality monitoring system. Limiting air pollution exposure  is the most important action you should always keep in mind if you want to avoid serious health problems.

Learn where to find a Pure Air Zone, or how to create one in your company.

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Pure air makes you smarter! Harvard studies impact of clean air on brain functions.


How much does indoor air pollution affect your brain functions? More than you would think.

Most people living in industrialized countries spend a lot of time indoors; whether we are at home, at school or at the office, we spent 92% of our life indoors. According to a study conducted by a research group from Harvard School of Public Health and published on the journal Environmental Health Perspective, all the time we spend indoors could have a negative impact on our cognitive functions.

brain functions pure air

The study evidences how the levels of pollutants such as carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds that we find in closed environments can have a negative influence on the decision-making abilities of the people spending time in those environments; this is the first study that doesn’t focus on only one pollutant but analyzes the effect of the exposure to several different compounds: particularly, the substances that were analyzed were the volatile organics compounds released in the environment by the plastic and paper materials that we commonly find in all homes and offices. Another perspective examined by the study is the bad ventilation that is commonly found in today’s buildings; since the 1970’s, the rising costs of energy have led to the construction of buildings with a slower rate of dissipation of heat, which usually means reducing drafts and thus reducing the exchange of air with the outside.

There were 24 participants in the study, which lasted 6 days; the subjects spend 8 hours every day in a controlled environment, devised to be as similar as possible to an office’s environmental conditions. Particularly, there were three simulated environments: the first one was a “conventional” one, representative of most offices in the western world, then there was a “Green” environment representing an office built with ecological features and a lower concentrations of volatile organic compounds, and finally a “Green+” ( equivalent to a Pure Air Zone environment) environment which was similar to the Green one but with a higher ventilation. The study tried to recreated in the most precise way the conditions that workers normally encounter during the day: the participants just carried on with their normal work, so that the results of the study were as accurate as possible.

outdoor office

At the end of every day, all the subjects were given a test in order to measure nine cognitive functions: basic, applied and focused activity levels; task orientation; crisis response; information seeking; information usage; breadth of approach and strategy. The results of the test evidenced a striking difference between the subjects that had spent their day in the conventional office and the ones that had been in the Green or Green+ office; particularly, the subjects in the latter groups scored respectively 61% and 101% higher than the subjects that had spent their day in the conventional office. The test areas with the more significant results were crisis response, information usage and strategy: in these area the subjects in the Green environment scored respectively 97%, 172% and 183% higher than the ones in the conventional office, while the subjects who had been in the Green+ Pure Air Zone environment scored even higher, respectively 131%, 299% and 288% higher than the group who had been in the conventional office.

What appears evident is the fact that this isn’t a purely environmental problem, but also an economic one: an office built with state-of-the-art ecological features doesn’t only consume less energy, but it can also enhance the workers’ productivity, thus benefiting both the workers and the company.

Today , through U-earth biotechnology, it is an affordable investment – also if we are talking about older buildings – and the economic return can make it worth it: it suffices to say that, once a building is completed, 90% of the costs related to the company are related to its employees. Another aspect, that wasn’t analyzed in this study but that was already known, is linked to the so called “sick building syndrome”: this is a term coined by the WHO in 1986 to describe the health effects that are present in workers who spend a lot of time in the office, but that can’t be attributed to a specific disease.

Of course, changing office buildings will not be enough: indoors air pollution is a problem to which children are particularly vulnerable, and besides, children go to school every day just like adults go to the office every day. Therefore it is necessary to make an effort and build new “Green” Pure Air Zone schools, keeping in mind that no closed environment, as green as it can be, can actually compete with the outdoors: whether we are adults or children, we should all make an effort and spend more time outdoors, in order to protect our body and our brain.

Learn how you can create your personal Pure Air Zone on



With U-monitor, the revolutionary REAL TIME professional  Air Quality monitoring system, you can see it on your tablet.the revolutionary REAL TIME Air Quality monitoring system, you can see it on your tablet. Launch @ Ecomondo 2015.


Torino, October 13, 2015 – KNOWING PRECISELY WHAT YOU ARE BREATHING, WHERE AND WHEN is a basic requirement if at stake is put human health. What better audience for the launch of a system so necessary as innovative than Ecomondo 2015, the international green tech trade show, held in Rimini, Italy, between November 3 and 6, 2015.ecomondo

U-earth is an international company with headquarters in Italy and Switzerland, founded in 2012 with the mission to develop an exclusive US patent developed for the need of increased protection and decontamination in the event of environmental disasters and chemical and biological weapons. U-earth is the only company using this revolutionary biotechnology for PROFESSIONAL air purification, in industrial, commercial and medical settings, and is a producer of AIRcel, a powerful freestanding air purifier effective for the elimination of odors and all air contaminants, indoor and outdoor. AIRcel is now used by the best companies in the world including Ferrari, Fresenius Medical Care, NTV, Banca Fideuram, Buzzi Unicem, the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and many others.

U-MONITOR air monitoring system

U-MONITOR air monitoring system

Given the need to effectively control the progress of the contaminants in the air as preventive diagnosis and later as evidence of the good operation of its air purifiers, the team of Air Quality Specialist U-earth developed U-monitor, the first professional system for the sampling of the major environmental parameters in real time, managed by a proprietary software in cloud, which allows the analysis of trends in air quality by specialists and the customer during the entire period of operation, through smartphones, tablets and PCs.

“How much pollution is produced during certain processing steps? How does polluted air migrate inside the rooms and with what peaks? What is the efficiency of the HVAC ventilation system, and how long it remains efficient after cleaning the filters? What happens at night or during periods of closure? Do the contaminants and odorous gases migrate outside the plant? Does the dynamic change in winter or in summer?says Betta May, CEO of U-earth,” U-monitor turned out to be for our specialists a powerful investigative tool, which allows you to become aware of the state of Typical contaminants 24/7, with real-time updates, and then to be able to provide detailed information with respect to the real effectiveness of technologies and best practices adopted anti pollution”.

U-monitor dashboard

This also applies in Outdoor Environment. U-earth in fact, is proposing U-monitor to the environmental departments of European cities to be able to perform an accurate control of the dynamics of the dispersion of pollutants derived from traffic, heating and industry. An evolved and intelligent city today can measure in real time the progress of the contaminants and their efficiency in response to events such as the stop of the traffic, rain and wind, the lower night traffic, the efficiency of congestion-free zones but also the detect the values of exposure in sensitive areas such as playgrounds, schools and heritage building areas, the most affected by urban pollution.

U-monitor is being presented at Ecomondo 2015 in the U-earth biotechnologies stand in the D3 Pavilion, booth 075, where you will be able to see the device in action while measuring air quality in real time.



The core business of U-earth is to provide environments of fresh air “certified” by the continuous monitoring of U-monitor, called Pure Air Zone.

logo pure air zone“Pure Air Zone” is an eco-environmental project that aims to aggregate more and more people and companies that pay attention to environmental protection and health, in order to spread this revolutionary system in industry, medical and commercial spaces, providing air quality at an standard which has so far not been reached. The website of the first international community for the pure air is The aim of the #IwantPUREair campaign , launched by U-earth biotechnologies to raise awareness about the importance of breathing clean air, is to gather support from individuals as promoters of the project in the form of participation in dedicated social media , and companies that want to become Pure Air Zones.

U-earth strongly supports the right for everyone to breathe pure air. Unfortunately there are no quality standard to ensure this in public spaces and therefore governments and companies are reclutant to invest in Clean Air Technologies despite the vast scientific literature on the serious damages of air pollution on human health. The young company marketing strategy relies on the support of the growing demand of the end users, the people who will enjoy the benefits of Pure Air as a standard,  therefore increasing the market standard, just as it happened with WIFI connectivity availability, bypassing lengthy regulation implementation.

The use of U-earth technology is rapidly growing in cases where odor and contamination issues are not solvable wit any other technology on the market like sewage and waste treatment plants, trash transfer stations, metal machining and automotive industry, hospitals and crowded public spaces.

In parallel, many excellent companies in the world understood the power of Pure Air Zone ADV strategy, used as a powerful tool for green marketing and brand values communication. Those gold standard companies thrive to continuos improvement of the environmental goals set is their sustainability reports, and create Pure Air Zones in their working spaces, choosing to offer to their employees and customers the most precious element for life: Pure Air.

For any further information or Hi-res  images please contact:

Press Office “Pure Air Zone” (

Mara Roz Tel. +39 (0)11 19666731


Sewage odor management is possible: Como success story


Case study on how biotechnology has eliminated odor complaints  from sewage treatment plant in the middle of town.

case study U-earth

Como, Italy. October 13, 2015 – Breathing clean air even in industrial environments, protecting workers from environmental fugitive emissions and simultaneously eliminating odors emitted outside, today is a reality than can be easily implemented through the latest generation of powerful biological systems for air purification.

There is a great difficulty of many industrial plants in curbing emissions of odors migrating outside the plant, which sometimes lead to the extreme solution of the plant closure by the local authorities on the basis of complaints of surrounding citizens. Today the theme of odor containment  is an emergency to be solved very quickly.

como view

U-earth is an international company specialized in a revolutionary biotechnology for air purification in industrial, commercial and medical settings, producing a breakthrough system for the elimination of odors and all air contaminants, indoor and outdoor.

Thanks to AIRcel, the freestanding  “bio-reactors”, fed by a consortium of microorganisms of natural source, certified non-pathogenic and NOT OGM, through an unprecedented phenomenon of attraction for “molecular electric charge”, the contaminants in the environment are attracted in the bio-reactors without a need of ducts which lead to the system, and digested by the microorganisms for bio-oxidation.

Said in simpler words, thanks to 20 years of research background of professor Sam Sofer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, U-earth has created a system that miniaturizes what nature does to self-clean pollutants, using water, air and bacteria, able to attract and digest any form of pollution, whether chemical or biological, with no limit on the measure (fine dust) and type (volatile organic compounds, gases, viruses and pathogenic bacteria).


The sewage water treatment plant  in the first basin of Lake Como, managed by Comodepur spa, is deployed within urban setting, bordering the town. By their nature, these types of plants, in some stage of manufacture, may emit unpleasant odors. The company has worked over the years to acquire all the possible technologies and best practices for the control of odors, in order to minimize such disruption to neighboring houses. Citizenship, for its part, has set up a Citizens’ Committee in charge of bringing to public attention the issue and communicate proactively with the company.



The main problem stems from odor emissions originating from the processing and dumping of sludge after drying.

U-earth’s air purification system  has been installed in the sludge storage area, in the centrifuges zone and in the outside area of ​​transit of the vehicles entering the sewage treatment plant of Como, Italy, with the goal of reducing and contain odors inside the plant and and avoid dispersion into the city.

6 AIRcel®5000 units were installed in the plant, and 3  U-monitor devices for continuous monitoring of odorous gases and volatile organic compounds airborne were placed in topic areas to detect in real time initial baseline and pollution decrease after AIRcels were turned on.

U-earth Comodepur installation

U-earth Comodepur installation


After three months of operation, the odor emissions and volatile organic compounds outside the building were cut down by 80%. It has not been registered any further  complaints from the citizens.

 U-monitor, first 90 days period decrease.

U-monitor, first 90 days period decrease.

U-earth air purifiers performance (blue) compared to baseline data ( gray)

U-earth air purifiers performance (blue) compared to baseline data ( gray)


U-earth AIRcel range

U-earth AIRcel range

AIRcel® is the most powerful air purification system in the world, the only science-based biotechnology for the removal of airborne contaminants, regardless of type or size of particles.

AIRcel® realizes the simultaneous removal of bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, mold, allergens, fine particles and odors.

AIRcel® has the dual ability to capture airborne contaminants, through a natural biophysical principle of “electrical molecular charge attraction”, and to destroy them through the process of bio-oxidation, creating a real Pure Air Zone.

AIRcel® has a low environmental impact: no use of chemical pollutants for its operation, no filter to be disposed.

AIRcel® does not require air ducts or punctual emissions into the atmosphere (no chimney, no acid rain).

AIRcel® is a plug and play system, modular and easily scalable to production dynamics: upgradeable if production increases and vice versa.

Used at the workplace, AIRcel® decreases health risks, increases comfort and productivity of workers.


U-MONITOR air monitoring system

U-MONITOR air monitoring system

U-monitor, u-earth’s  monitoring device, measures constantly 24/7 air quality and makes available the data history collected through a web platform, accessible from any device connected to the internet at all times. The data are displayed in a user friendly manner to the reader, allowing comparison between periods, different types of contaminants, with every 5 minutes reading or daily average values, and many more extremely helpful analysis modalities. U-monitor can be also used non in conjunction with AIRcel air purifiers, as a powerful Air Quality analysis tool for every industry.

The result of the combined technologies is a quality standard which is not obtainable to date with any other technology on the market. Air quality is certified by U-Monitor, a unique system of air quality monitoring in real time developed by U-earth, which detects every five minutes the situation with respect to the categories of pollutants to be treated. The air is cleaned by AIRcel, the first and only biological air purifier for professional use on the market produced is 3 different sizes. The combination of the various devices creates what U-earth defines a “Pure Air Zone”.

logo pure air zone

“Pure Air Zone” is an eco-environmental project promoted by U-Earth, an international leader in the care of the air through biotechnology, which aims to aggregate more and more people and companies concerned about environmental protection and health, to disseminate this revolutionary system in industry, medical and commercial settings.

Many excellent companies have already adopted U-earth system in Italy and in the world, and the technology is spreading rapidly where there are problems not solvable with other technologies such as sewage treatment plants, waste treatment sites, metal machining industry, hospitals, etc. In parallel, there are companies that aim at continuous improvement of environmental standards in their offices for sustainability reasons, and create  Pure Air Zones in their premises,  choosing to offer their employees and customers the most valuable asset for life, pure air.

U-earth is proud to have customers such Comodepur, Buzzi Unicem, Ferrari, Teatro alla Scala in Milan, NTV Italo train, Fresenius Medical Care, Banca Fideuram, Earthcolors, and many others.

What U-earth offers not just a device, but a scientific revolution. Numerous scientific publications were also presented in Italy thanks to the continuous collaboration with the Department of Environmental Engineering of the University of Bologna and Arpa Lombardia EPA.

U-earth system has been installed at the end of the month of July 2015 at the plant Comodepur, positioned in the center of Como.

EU research on Air quality in schools says children are at risk !


Our children have a right to breathe clean air and stay healthy. Unfortunately, in the Italian and European schools they are exposed to many air contaminants.

leggi in italiano

pure air zone school

Symphonie, a research funded by the European Union, was responsible for assessing air quality in 114 schools with 5,175 children (264 kindergarden) and 1,223 teachers in 54 cities of 23 European countries, including Italy.

The survey found that 85% of pupils in Europe is exposed to fine dust in concentrations greater than 10 micrograms per cubic meter, average annual guideline value recommended by the WHO, half are exposed to excessive amounts of radon and a quarter are exposed to too much benzene, always referring to the EU and WHO parameters.

To this must be added that more than 60% of children are also exposed to high levels of formaldehyde and carbon dioxide. Breathing too many pollutants involves a greater risk of suffering from symptoms related to respiratory diseases and adversely affects those who already are suffering: 8% of schoolchildren suffer from asthma, 9% of nasal allergies and 17% of eczema. And 3.6% of the children had an asthma attack at school.

Improving the quality of indoor air is now possible. Adopting measures to provide air purification is essential. Our children deserve the best air purifier available on the market.

Ask your school to become a  Pure Air Zone.

The air you breathe might pollute your lungs, heart and brain.

Changing the quality of the air we breathe will dramatically improve our health condition.

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Unfortunately indoor air is subject to stagnation. The micro particles inflame the bronchial tubes, causing asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia and disrupt the system of blood clotting enough to facilitate the formation of thrombus.

Hence the increase in the number of cases of heart attack, stroke and embolism. It therefore becomes essential to implement significant changes in a capillary way: all enclosed places where we spend the day, such as office, school, hospital, should be able to guarantee us clean and healthy air.

Thus also it improves our chances of future health. Diseases and  thrombosis do not affect only the elderly, but also young people: in children cause bronchial asthma and chronic inflammation of the tonsils and adenoids, making them vulnerable and exposed to the threat of viruses that swarm in the air.

The risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not be underestimated. Each one of us has the responsibility to choose a healthy lifestyle  and to invest in their quality of life.

Being a Pure Air Zone means making the world a better place to live.

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