EU research on Air quality in schools says children are at risk !

Our children have a right to breathe clean air and stay healthy. Unfortunately, in the Italian and European schools they are exposed to many air contaminants.

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Symphonie, a research funded by the European Union, was responsible for assessing air quality in 114 schools with 5,175 children (264 kindergarden) and 1,223 teachers in 54 cities of 23 European countries, including Italy.

The survey found that 85% of pupils in Europe is exposed to fine dust in concentrations greater than 10 micrograms per cubic meter, average annual guideline value recommended by the WHO, half are exposed to excessive amounts of radon and a quarter are exposed to too much benzene, always referring to the EU and WHO parameters.

To this must be added that more than 60% of children are also exposed to high levels of formaldehyde and carbon dioxide. Breathing too many pollutants involves a greater risk of suffering from symptoms related to respiratory diseases and adversely affects those who already are suffering: 8% of schoolchildren suffer from asthma, 9% of nasal allergies and 17% of eczema. And 3.6% of the children had an asthma attack at school.

Improving the quality of indoor air is now possible. Adopting measures to provide air purification is essential. Our children deserve the best air purifier available on the market.

Ask your school to become a  Pure Air Zone.

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